Upcoming Events/Meetings

May 7th Youth Group             10:30am

May 8th Christian Ed Meeting         5:00pm

May 9th Outreach                   5:00pm

May 14th Mother’s Day Potluck Brunch 11:00am

May 20th Yard Party w/ Ticket Auction   5:00pm

May 21st Youth Group                   10:30am

May 22nd Session Meeting                           6:30pm

May 28th Pentecost w/ Communion           10:00am

May Birthdays 

Rob Norton 1

River Norton 3

Amanda Cooper 6

Garrett Spiker 6

Phoenix Herman 12

Mona Prince 18

Matt Spiker 23

Mike Mattson 26

Gracie Ann Hess 28

Bill Nolan 30


Bill & Janice Nolan       1st

Ron & Debbie Potter  6th   Mickey Joe & Tony Elliott    14th

Jen & Joe Lowe               17th 

Scholarship Fund Raffle (Gail Cline Copenhaver Scholarship Fund)

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.  This little beauty was handcrafted and donated by Butch Balenger Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Drawing held May 2oth during Yard Party/Ticket Auction.  See Vickana for tickets.