Presbyterian Leadership

Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church is governed by the Presbyterian Church USA,

 the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, and the Shenandoah Presbytery of Harrisonburg, VA.

The Leadership of the Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church is made up of a nine person Session. The nine leaders are Ruling Elders and our moderator is the Reverend John Bethard of Charlestown Presbyterian Church. Each elder is elected by the congregation, ordained, and installed and serves a three year term. These volunteer leaders serve as Shepherds for their flocks of congregants. The shepherds keep in close contact with their flocks; sharing joys and concerns for prayerful consideration. The elders chair a committee that is made up of congregation members and visitors. All of the committees prayerfully and faithfully work to serve the Lord and share His word.

Teaching Elder/Moderator: Pastor Tom Forbes

Ruling Elders: Committee:

Nancy Hramada Worship

Marsha Burkhart Worship

Whitney Copenhaver Clerk of Session

Joy Kerns Christian Education/Youth

Jennifer Huff Christian Education/Youth

Sabrina Massie Outreach

Andi Campbell Outreach

Janice Nolan Property

Other groups: