We continually offer prayer for our world leaders, leaders of our country, state governments, city officials, our local communities, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the members of the BHPC, and all those we love.

We send joyous prayers of thanks for the newest member in God's family at BHPC. Gus Tressler is healthy and happy. His parents are doing well and enjoying all of their children.

We say "thank you" to the BHPC Property Committee and those who give of their time to keep our building running well.

We lift up glorious praise for the safe and successful healing of our pastor, Ron. Keep Ron focused on his path of recovery and hold Debbie up in her journey of patience.

We send our prayers up to the Lord for all those awaiting test results, diagnoses, and medical decisions. Dear Lord, hold our loved ones in your embrace. Please guide the medical professionals providing care and treatments within your loving hands.

We offer up prayers for all churches who are affected by Covid and cannot worship together in person. Help us to remember that we may not be together in a sanctuary, but we thank you for keeping us together in spirit. Watch over those who need your guidance and support when they are talking with you about changes in their Families of Faith. We trust your plan and leadership during this transition. Your Family of Faith has not gone away. You are just leading us in new directions and we thank you for the creativity that sustains us and keeps us together.